MS Vasco Da Gama and MV Europa Cruise Ships to Benoa

Two cruise ships MS Vasco Da Gama and MV Europa dock at Benoa Harbor, Bali, simultaneously. Both ships carried passengers along with crew members totaling 2,100 people.

“During January 2020, the two ships were the 5th and 6th vessels to successfully dock at the Benoa Port,” said Head of the Benoa Port Harvest and Authority (KSOP) Office, Augustinus Maun, Tuesday (1/21) .

According to Augustine, the vessels MS Vasco Da Gama and MV Europa have a capacity of 55,877 GT (gross tons) with LoA 219 meters and 28,890 GT with LoA 224 meters.

The cruise ship besides escorts tourists who will travel in Bali, also exchanges passengers and logistics.


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